Organic Fertilization For Your Trees & Shrubs

The vast majority of the soils your trees and shrubs grow in are not natural and are a product of a developers combination of backfill and topsoil. Our various organic fertilizers and soil treatment programs start to remedy this situation by building up the soils biology and creating a natural soil web network that greatly benefits your trees and shrubs. Services we recommend are liquid organic soil injections to add the required nutrients, compost teas to break down organic material and make them available to the plants, mycorrhizal fungi to aid the absorbing area of the roots, and vertical mulching to mechanically add compost to the soil. Through this combination of programs we can create the perfect blend of nutrients that will aid your trees and shrubs to grow healthy and beautiful despite any adverse conditions.

Growth Regulator

Trees are genetically predisposed to grow. In the forest this is a good thing where there is fierce competition for light and resources. In the landscape where growth is not as important for mature trees, we can manage their growth and help with their overall health. When a mature or weak tree does not have to use a majority of its energy in growing, it can concentrate its resources on root development, wound compartmentalization, and insect/disease recovery.