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  • Over 35 Years’ Experience
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  • Knowledgeable Arborists Licensed in Connecticut & New York State
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Tree Care Services for the Wilton CT Area

The Consultation

First, we set about to identify the problems that occur with trees in the landscape such as soil compaction, lack of organic matter, age/condition of the tree, and other stresses that are often hidden from view. With this in mind, we develop a scientific and organic approach using the most modern techniques and products to protect these trees.

Mature Tree Pruning

We believe in the integrity of trees and in the preservation of their natural size, shape, and character. We practice "Natural Target Pruning", a method that respects the tree's inherent abilities in resisting the spread of pathogens. Simply put, we make all of our cuts in the right place, and for the right reasons.

Ornamental & Formal Pruning

We believe trees should add beauty and character to your landscape. Over the years we have developed a crew trained and specialized in the correct methods of pruning ornamental trees and shrubs. In many cases, this part of our service adds the most value to your property and is also the most visually appealing to you and your neighbors. Whether we are shaping, reducing, or rejuvenating your trees and shrubs in a natural or formal “look”, you can be assured we will use the proper pruning techniques to protect the health of the plant and achieve the results you desire.

Cable & Braces

All trees are not created equal! Some have deep "V" shaped crotches that are prone to splitting apart. Properly installed support cables can minimize this risk without being obtrusive. Additionally, some limbs are just too heavy for their own good! If they are to remain, they might need added support. Our arborists are trained in the proper installation of this artificial support for trees in need. In keeping with our self-imposed high standards, we use only the highest quality materials to protect your trees and property.

Tree Removals / Stump Grinding

When it is necessary to remove dangerous or unwanted trees, we do so in a safe and efficient manner, guarding against damage to surrounding landscape and property. We use whatever equipment and procedures that are necessary for a complete and safe removal.

We will also safely grind the stump and surface roots, leaving the area ready for planting, whether it is lawn or a new tree.

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