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Seasonal Tree Concerns

  1. We find too many trees and shrubs that have been planted too deep in the ground. This will dramatically, and adversely, affect long-term health, and even survival! Look for the flare at the base of the trunk; it should be above ground.
  2. Bad mulching practices are, in effect, the same as planting too deeply! Mulch should not contact the trunks or stems of trees or shrubs. We see way too many properties where “Volcano mulching” is the norm. A light annual mulch is all that is required to “dress-up” a planting. In fact, the best mulch to use is decaying organic matter (compost).
  3. While lawn sprinklers are a wonderful addition for lawn health and appearance, they are usually not good for trees. Trees do well when watered deeply once a week. Shallow watering, on a frequent basis does as much (or more) harm than occasional drought! Many compromise solutions exist.
  4. Improper fertilization practices can upset a tree’s normal growth and adversely affect it’s health. Nitrogen will make your lawn green and grow, but too much will stress a tree! Trees need very little nitrogen, but a constant supply. Ask us how!
  5. Insect and disease control can be important for the health and appearance of trees and other plantings, but needs to be done in an environmentally friendly way.