Integrated Pest Management For Insect & Disease Control

We practice IPM – Integrated Pest Management; a method of plant health care that minimizes pesticide use. Our policy has always been to use the least toxic material in the smallest dose possible to obtain control of pests or diseases.

Through frequent visits to your property during the growing season, we are able to control each major pest at the optimum time in order to minimize pesticide usage. Our IPM technicians are trained to inspect, identify, and determine the level of control necessary to keep your plantings healthy and attractive. They will spot new problems before they become a problem.

Deer Repellent

We have worked hard all year to give you a healthy and beautiful landscape. Let us keep the damage to a minimum from these potentially devastating animals and protect your investment. This application is typically applied in late fall and late winter.

Tick Control & Mosquito Control

We consider these applications a public health service. We doubt we have to remind you of the potential disease transmission and skin irritation caused by the bites of these insects. Our trained staff will recommend a program best suited to your needs and carefully timed to the tick and mosquito life cycle, to achieve the best control possible.