Beauty is Born in Nature

At Pauley Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., our focus is to enhance the beauty of your landscape while harmonizing with nature’s rhythm. Our arboricultural and horticultural experts adhere to the highest standard when it comes to preserving the beauty and health of your property. Our work begins with a thorough inspection of your grounds. We believe in understanding the intrinsic flow of your land; how your shrubs, trees, and lawn exist together. It is through that comprehension that we are able to apply our expertise to enhance and care for your landscape.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

We begin the critical task of formulating the processes that will complement and preserve nature’s beauty by keeping an eye toward the environment. Not only do we accommodate your busy schedule, but we adhere to Mother Nature’s schedule as well. Our dedicated professionals will develop a plant health care program that will maximize plant vigor, health, and beauty.

Our commitment does not end there. For more than thirty five years, we have held true to our belief that you deserve nothing less than our best. That’s why people like you trust us with their valuable plantings, year after year.